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Education Consultants



1.  Initial Consultations, 1-hour minimum                      $200/hour payment due at time of service  

2.   Review of Documents/paperwork                             $100/hour

  • Files needing review prior to and/or follow up from meeting
    • Review IEP/504 Plan
    • Review of teacher reports/feedback
    • Review new evaluations

3. Consultations/follow ups*                                            $100/hour      

  • Phone/in-person/e-mail      
  • School Observations                                                     

4.  School Meetings                                                            $200/hour      

  • 1 hour minimum
  • Parent/teacher conference
  • IEP Meeting   
  • 504 Meeting  

5.  Educational Testing     

  • Formal academic achievement testing                  $200/hour       
  • Informal testing                                                         $100/hour      
  • Scoring, Interpretation, and written report          $200/hour      
  • Formal testing, scoring ONLY                                  $600        

*Follow up phone conversations and/or e-mail correspondences will be clocked and a total amount will be reflected on the monthly invoice.