Kaplan Marquis

Education Consultants


                                                                          Policy and Fees

Kaplan Marquis Education Consulting does not take credit. Services will commence at receipt of signed policy form. Payment for all services will be billed at the time of service.

1. Initial Consultations, 1-hour minimum                                          $200/hour payment due at time of service

  • Discussion time with clients to review case information and future direction options

2. Review of Documents/paperwork                                                    $150 flat rate

  • Files needing review before/after initial consult for meeting preparation
  • Review IEP/504Plan
  • Review of teacher report/feedback
  • Review new/past evaluations

3. School Meetings/Observations (1 hour minimum)                       $200/hour

  • Parent/teacher conference
  • IEPMeeting
  • 504Meeting
  • Observations

4. Formal Educational Testing                                                               $1200

  • Initial parent meeting and follow up
  • Formal academic achievement testing
  • Scoring, Interpretation, and written report

5. Additional Testing                                                                              $500

  • Test of Written Language (TOWL)
  • Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI)